A professional mannequin head with grey hair and a training mannequin head for men with afro hair … Exalto follows the new hairdressing trends closely and develops two new products for your Granny Style training courses, to embellish grey hair and your afro men’s cut training courses!  


How MADDIE was born?


A new hairdressing trend has been in the spotlight for a few years now: the Granny Style. This new trend allows women to go back to natural hair rather than hiding it under colouring every month, and avoids the constraint of having to maintain their colour and colour it every month at the hairdresser’s.  While grey hair is widely democratised among men, women still find it difficult to embrace this trend, which they associate directly with ageing. 


However, confinement has led women to accept themselves more and more naturally, and therefore to gradually assume their grey hair. Grey hair yes, but with style! The hairdressing world is now talking about new ways of embellishing greying hair and keeping it natural and stylish. New colouring techniques are being developed, such as reverse balayage on grey/white hair. The objective of this balayage technique is to give a harmonious, blended look to grey hair. The idea is to erase the contrast between white roots and coloured lengths. Unlike colouring, balayage consists of darkening the roots, giving them depth and texture in order to erase the contrast and thus harmonise the colour of the hair. Another technique for highlighting grey hair is to use ash blonde highlights for a very natural effect.


At Exalto, we asked ourselves this question: what type of professional mannequin head would be the most suitable for working with grey hair?


So we developed our brand new Maddie grey hair pro styling head, a combination of yak hair and 100% natural brown hair.


Our Maddie training mannequin head is therefore the ideal product for this type of hairstyling training, especially for reverse balayage or ashy locks for a successful Granny Style! For a good apprenticeship, you need the right material as well as quality hair.

Second great novelty : LENNY

Our Lenny afro mannequin head for training! Working with afro hair requires training and adapted training, which is why we have decided to create a brand new model of men’s hair styling head with 100% natural afro hair. From the different layering techniques to the wavy and twist styles… our men’s afro hair styling head is ideal for practising these different cutting techniques!

The natural afro hair is the essential material for training the different cutting techniques. Moreover, on this training head it is possible to carry out a colouring and a bleaching. However, colouring remains a procedure that can damage the hair, so colouring and bleaching must be done with care.

Indeed, we worked several months on the development of this malleable head of afro hair in order to obtain the most realistic rendering possible. Working on frizzy, afro hair is often a source of stress for hairdressers who are not always used to dealing with this type of hair, especially in France. Training courses on afro women’s hair have been democratized for several years, however this trend is still moderate for afro men’s hair.


It is essential to practice specific techniques on adapted products in order to perfectly master the afro hair. This is why we are investing heavily in the development of our new professional Afro men’s mannequin head, which will revolutionise your training courses for cutting frizzy hair and thus help hairdressers to master this type of hair to perfection.


For our malleable heads we choose the right material to offer you a quality product!

You can also find on our website our different afro women’s hair mannequin heads: 




Léa :mannequin head with afro hair for training, frizzy for your afro cut training


Alma : textured hair, Mediterranean types for your curly hair cutting courses

Stella: professional mannequin head for very long curly hair, ideal for your targeted styling courses with textured hair.


Exalto Professionnel works every day to develop products adapted to your needs and to your new training courses!



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