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Our basics: The Exalto essentials

THE BASICSOur basics range offers the best value for money. Great quality, features tailored to your needs, at exceptionally affordable prices... our basics are the perfect combo to meet the needs of demanding professionals as well as smaller budgets.   Following...

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Balayage !

Balayage has become an essential part of hairdressing today!   To introduce hair stylists to this extremely popular technique, over the last few years, we have seen balayage training being offered throughout France and Europe.As you know, the basis of effective...

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Our curly, kinky, afro training heads

     There are countless hair types nowadays: straight, curly, kinky, wavy, afro, Mediterranean etc. The diversity of hair makes a stylist's work more interesting but also more complex. Cutting, colouring and balayage training has been around for...

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Red hair : The new trend !

Red hair : the new trend for 2021 !This year, we dare to do ginger hair ! Several stars adopts this new look...   Our favorite artists realised wonderful works on our mannequin heads...OPENING TIMESMonday to Friday 9am-6pmHEAD OFFICEExalto Professionnel 155 rue...

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Our equivalent

At Exalto, we have 2 range of training heads : premium range and basic range.  In each range of product, you have equivalents : similar doll heads more or less expensive depending on their density. CUTTING  Lilou (premium) + density   Clarisse (basic) -...

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How to choose your styling training head?

   We have 5 training heads for styling at Exalto: 3 heads with busts and 2 heads without.  Our training heads all use top quality 100% natural hair. So your decision should be based on your budget, how you're going to use it and your hairdressing expertise....

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Our training heads 100% recyclable !

Professional & Eco-FriendlyOur company has spent almost 10 years focusing primarily on meeting your requirements and listening to your needs to provide you with the products you want and the highest possible standards.  Our priorities are still the same although...

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