How do you choose your hairdressing mannequin head for hair cutting?




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Choosing your hairdresser mannequin head for a haircut training course can quickly become an obstacle course. Brunette hair, blonde hair, medium-length hair, dense or less dense hair… 

From ball cuts to wavy bobs, mid-length layers… how do you choose the most suitable model of hairdressing mannequin head for your needs, your training ? 

Hairdressing mannequin head Clarisse


Firstly, ask yourself a question: on your mannequin head to practice hairdressing training, will I be doing only hair cutting, styling or will I also be doing hair balayage techniques, highlights or colouring? 

If you decide to choose a cosmetology mannequin head for cutting only, a brown styling head will be the most suitable: the hair cut lines stand out better on brown hair. The 3 recommended cosmetology mannequin heads are Clarisse, Lilou or Amandine.

Hairdresser mannequin heads Lilou
Mannequin head real hair Lilou

If you decide to choose a styling hair mannequin head for cutting training that will also allow you to perform hair balayage and highlighting techniques, your choice can then be :

A brown cosmetology mannequin head for the more ambitious (Lilou)

A chestnut-coloured hairdressing doll head for a natural, visible hair look (Juliette Chloé)

Female mannequin head Juliette

 A dark blonde hair  bob for a blended effect (Anna, Maureen or Enora)

Long hair mannequin head Anna
Hairdressing mannequin heads Ninon

Finally, for those who wish to achieve hair colour with their hairdressing head for the cut training, the blonde hair doll head models are ideal: Lucie, Elsa, Cindy, Ninon or Mila. 


Once you have defined your needs in terms of hair technique for your training, you need to make a choice regarding the length of the hair according to the type of styling hair cut you are going to make. 

For short hair cuts training, a hairdresser mannequin head with a hair length of up to 30cm is sufficient: we recommend the cosmetology mannequin head Chloe, Enora, Cindy or Juliette. 

For long and medium-length hair cuts (to achieve about 5 stages of hair cutting), it is best to choose a professional doll head between 35cm of hair and 40cm in hair length. The cosmetology mannequin head Clarisse, Lilou, Amandine, Lucie, Elsa, Maureen, Anna, Ninon or Mila are then suitable. 

Mannequin head to practice Clarisse
Mannequin head hairstyle Clarisse


Finally, the hair density is the last indicator for choosing your professional hairdressing mannequin head.

Hairdressing mannequin heads Lilou

For voluminous hair or wispy cuts hairdressing training, we recommend choosing a styling mannequin head from our basic range, with more hair density. 

For simple hair cuts with a classic density, the less expensive basic range of cosmetology mannequin is perfectly sufficient. 

Cosmetology mannequin head Clarisse

For those on a budget, we also have our Julia women’s doll head in 80% natural hair and 20% synthetic hair. It is however only recommended for cutting training. 

So, if you have to make a choice:

If you are looking for a long hair mannequin head for styling hair cutting techniques only, without too much density: our Clarisse doll head is your must have. 

For a short, wispy styling hair cut and sun-kissed highlights: the Juliette or the Chloé will suit your needs!

You want a 100% natural mannequin head on which you will perform balayage techniques, about 5 stages of hair cutting and volume effects: the Anna doll head is your best choice. 

Cosmetology mannequin head Clarisse
Hairdresser mannequin head Juliette
Long hair mannequin head Anna

Price is also an important factor, so the longer and denser hair you choose a professional hairstyling head without synthetic hair, the higher the price. 

To help you choose your cosmetology head, please visit our “choosing your mannequin head” page. 


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