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After the success of our bestseller Emma and its counterparts Carla and Anastasia in the hairdressing market, we have decided to create two new bun mannequin heads, this time at more affordable prices!

Affordable prices while keeping a constant quality of hair, that’s what we offer you with our two new 100% natural hairdressing mannequin heads: Ariana and Vanessa.

Our mannequin heads are made with 100% natural hair, and the covers that cover them are entirely ecological. We are particularly keen to respect the environment by reducing the use of plastic materials as much as possible.

The choice of the hairdresser mannequin heads to buy must be made according to your budget, the use you will make of it and your level in hairdressing.

The price of professional hairdressing mannequin heads for competition is often very high; buying a chignon head today is a real investment for the long term. We have always tried to offer you the best prices with our Emma, Carla and Anastasia hair stylers. However, the budget for these professional styling heads remains important because they have a very qualitative hair, a strong density, and a beautiful full length…

For these new mannequin heads, we decided to stay on a premium quality (equivalent to our premium range of mannequin heads) but to reduce the density of the 100% natural hair of our new hairdresser mannequin heads, to allow students and artists of hairdressing to handle a hair that remains qualitative.

The more hair on a professional mannequin head, the higher the price. Reducing the density of the hair on our Ariana and Vanessa mannequin heads was therefore, in our opinion, the best solution to offer you reduced prices while keeping a constant quality of hair.

These new professional hairdressing mannequin heads have a length of 50cm and a nice density, less important than Emma with a more realistic rendering and closer to that of women in hair salons. With this length of hair, it will be possible to make many hairstyles, from the simplest to the most elaborate, whether for a wedding or for a party.

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Mannequin head vanessa

Mannequin head vanessa



Vanessa, her twin, is also the equivalent of our female mannequin head Carla at a much more attractive price.

Vanessa has brown hair, but like Ariana, it is made with 100% natural hair.

On Vanessa it is possible to bleach, color the hair and make highlights. However, we do not recommend the use of coloring and bleaching techniques on our bun heads as this could damage the hair and reduce its life span.

We also do not recommend that the head of hair be manipulated several times in an intensive way during the training before the competition in order not to damage it.

Ariana is our new mannequin head to be styled woman chignon with the very clear blond hair! With a color like Anastasia’s, her polar blonde hair makes any type of coloring possible. Be careful not to damage the hair of your pro hairstylists. Ariana’s polar blonde hair is more fragile and applying color can damage the hair and make it brittle for your buns.

Some artists from the hairdressing world who have already received our new mannequin heads have been able to try out trendy hairstyles: like elaborate buns, wedding buns, braids with accessories and much more!

In fact, you can achieve all types of hairstyles on these 100% natural hair mannequin heads: banana buns, braided buns for a bohemian style, chic dancer buns…

Especially for wedding hairstyles, Vanessa and Ariana are ideal for practicing all types of hairstyles. For the wedding indeed, the chignon is very often requested, whether it is high, low, with accessories or without. The chignon is a hairstyle that is very much in demand, and it is important to practice being comfortable with this type of hairstyle.

Another hairstyle that is very used at the wedding is the braid. There are several types of braids, and for the wedding the most elegant and elaborate ones are chosen.

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These professional hairdresser mannequin heads have a life span of approximately 3 years if treated and washed with care. We recommend that you wash your professional hairdressing mannequin head after each application of styling products (such as hairspray for a wedding…). It is important to apply care when shampooing and to brush the head gently so as not to tangle the hair. The fact of maintaining the hair by using a care, allows to make it silky, brilliant and stronger. 

Our mannequin heads Emma, Carla and Anastasia are also on sale on our website.

These are the reference chignon mannequin heads at Exalto. We recommend these heads for bun enthusiasts and those who train for competitions. The hair on these heads is of a very high quality, they have dense and natural hair.


Emma is Exalto’s bestseller. It is a favorite of many artists and trainers in the hairdressing market due to its exceptional hair quality and density.


Carla is a must have for hairdressing schools for competition preparation. Many students in hairdressing schools remain very happy and can train with quality products and real hair.

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