Exalto is first and foremost a family affair


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Where it all started

Exalto is first and foremost a family affair. Grégory was just 25 when he finished his finance course and set out on the great entrepreneurship adventure. He was looking for a project to get his teeth into and create his own business. During the year, he heard about a little-known product… the training head! He may not have had any inclination towards the world of hairdressing but he was interested. He set off to learn how training heads are made and met hair experts in China. After spending over a year studying the market, Grégory set out on his adventure that’s now a small family success story.

He was lucky enough to have his parents by his side all these years and they support him in the day-to-day running of his business.

Our top products

The first models Exalto saw the light of day after months of reflection and research!
That’s right. At Exalto we don’t design products to copy everyone else; we design them to meet YOUR needs.

So Grégory has always listened to his customers and considered everything down to the smallest detail that may not always seem important but means we can design bespoke products that are perfectly tailored to hairstylists’ needs.

The adventure began with our NINON head that came out in 2013 in blonde, which was unprecedented on the market, followed by LILOU in a pretty shade of brown that hairdressers don’t tend to handle. Next came our CHLOE and ANNA heads… then came over 20 training heads that were researched and designed for you, because of you and thanks to your precious advice.

That’s right. At Exalto we’ve always focused on product designs that suit your needs with the best possible value for money. Affordability is vital as we know how important training is nowadays but it can come at a significant cost to young apprentices, hairstylists and training colleges. So we strive to bring you prices to suit everyone’s budget!

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Our new ranges

That’s why we’ve recently designed 2 ranges:

  • PREMIUM: these are the key products from our range which we began our adventure with.
  • BASIC: This brand new product range features more affordable training heads. We haven’t compromised hair quality, which will always be our priority, but we’ve managed to cut the cost of our products by bringing you slightly smaller heads with slightly less dense hair.
  • Last but not least, we’ve recently designed new premium products for our hairstylists and trainers who are looking for quality similar to a real client with European hair and realistic, detailed faces.

There’s something for every taste and budget at Exalto!

Service & support

We take pride in another aspect that we believe is essential: the standard of our service. If you already work with us then you know how good our customer relationships are. There’s no such thing as small or big clients for us, just artists, amateurs and enthusiasts who we help get the best possible training on a day-to-day basis. We are now working with some of you to design new products and improve existing ones.

We’re a big community at Exalto and we’re proud that more and more of you are joining us, especially on Instagram, with the same passion: hairdressing. That’s right. After years of experience in the sector we’ve become real enthusiasts and, most importantly, experts in training heads.

Last but not least, I joined the company 2 years ago to support my brother Grégory in his work as well as explore new projects and new horizons.

Our goal today is to uphold our values, quality and service by innovating and creating in a responsible world. We are actively involved in eco-friendly projects so our business has as little impact on the environment as possible and so we can keep moving forwards together…

We’d like to say a huge thank you to our community and loyal partners!


Year of foundation

Head models available

Where we sell worldwide

Heads sold per year


We provide quality products with 100% human hair of Indian origin.


Our wide variety of product ranges means you’ll find training heads to suit any budget!


Our sales reps are available all day to assist you by email or over the phone.


Exalto works daily to reduce its ecological footprint by developing new eco-friendly projects such as our new fully biodegradable nylon packaging.


We are active on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin). We have a close-knit community of hairstylists, trainers and apprentices whose work we regularly share!


We are constantly looking for new products to better meet your needs. Research and development is part of our everyday routine making innovative products.

What you think about Exalto!

Johan Aspinas
Excellente tête malléable, rapport qualité prix imbattable.
Équipe à l’écoute et très professionnelle. Je recommande fortement,
Merci exalto.
Julien Tur
Têtes malléables de qualité, un excellent rapport qualité/prix avec une livraison nickel!
Je recommande sans hésitation !!
Bastien Bouvet

J’ai découvert la marque Exalto en CAP et je ne l’ai plus quitté  jusqu’à maintenant pour la qualité qu’elle offre ainsi que pour la diversité de ses produits je ne peux que la conseiller

Romain Cattez

Exalto, une marque dévouée sur l’évolution de leurs têtes pour répondre un maximum à nos exigences nous les clients mais aussi dans les écoles,une valeur sûre concernant la qualité des produits.

Jamais déçu, un grand merci ????

Sandor Veress Gyori

I’ve been working with many head dolls in my hairdressing career but  I found the exalto professional is one of the best on the market because of the price and the quality!!! Working with this dolls you feel very similar to a real one. I can practice and teach on every level -from classic till advance technique on exalto mannequin!! And not at least you can do all colour range on every level !!!!

I’m so glad to work with the exalto professional mannequin ❤️

Thank you ???? exalto professional

Jack Howard

The Exalto doll head are of such good quality, that I’m hooked. Because of the quality and density of the hair I feel people who come on my courses get a better practical session because there dolls have so much hair to work on, Ordering and delivery are fantastic as well.

Lucas de Noos Education

Grâce a leur choix très étendu au niveau des couleurs, des longueurs ,de la densité et de la texture des cheveux,Les têtes Exalto nous permettent de pouvoir réaliser tous nos  travaux que ça soit en coupe ou en couleurs . Leur équipe est très à l’écoute et ça se ressens dans la qualité de leur tête malléable ! Indispensable

Daniel Granger

When a brand and ethos feels right it’s right, and Exalto is a brand that has a clear passion for creating the best training tools for education. The quality and variety of educational tools available is fantastic. My favourite has to be Anna – perfect to demo long hair cuts – the hair is beautiful and of the highest quality. The personal touches and customer service is amazing and always so helpful and knowledgeable. For training heads and educational solutions, I will always recommend Exalto.


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