The trendiest hair colours

Each season has its own trends, and the hairdressing industry is renewing itself this autumn with a variety of colours to please all women!

The trendy colours: “bronde”, chocolate brown, copper red… very autumnal colours.

Hairdressers and trainers must therefore adapt quickly to these new trends; here we help you to choose the most suitable professional hairdressing head to train you in these new colouring techniques!

From dark hair to short hair to light bases… What are the pro mannequin heads in vogue for this new 2022 season?

The Bronde

The bronde is the new ombre hair, more subtle, it gives a melted and natural look to your hair. A subtle and discreet boost for autumn and winter.

This new colouring technique is suitable for all hair types, from darker to lighter bases, from long to short hair.

The professional mannequin heads we recommend for this type of hairdressing course are our premium models because these professional mannequin heads have more density and therefore allow for a more elaborate technique.

Our Lilou professional brunette mannequin head is ideal if you want to start with a darker colour base.

Our dark blonde and medium brown professional mannequin heads Anna, Maureen and Juliette are also suitable for the Bronde colouring technique.

Finally, the Ninon and Mila 100% natural blonde hair mannequin heads have light bases, so this type of technique must be perfectly mastered on these malleable heads because the hair is more fragile.

Chocolate Brown

The ultimate autumn colour, chocolate brown is suitable for all hair types. This trendy colour provides a slightly faded effect after the summer. What’s more, chocolate brown is the ideal colour for winter.

On brown bases, such as our Lilou headdress, it will give a dynamic and modern tone-on-tone effect.

On lighter bases, such as our Anna and Juliette professional mannequin heads, it will give a sun-kissed effect after the summer.

On lighter bases, such as our blonde mannequin heads Ninon and Mila, it’s a new look for women looking for a change.

Cropper Red hair

Copper red hair colour has been making a comeback for a few seasons now.

This trendy, ultra-shiny colour is the big colour for this autumn, a daring colour that well-known influencers such as Caroline Receveur and actresses such as Julia Roberts have decided to adopt for years.

This colour is ideal on medium to light bases, so we recommend working on our professional mannequin heads Ninon, Mila or Elsa.

On darker bases, such as our Lilou or Juliette styling heads, the maintenance of the hair will be too important because of the regrowth of the roots.

In addition, this red hair colour is ideal for women with fair skin and light eyes.

You can achieve beautiful results on our blue-eyed Mila pro head and our green-eyed Ninon mannequin head.

Brown with a difference

The brunette trend is back in force this year with warm highlights for a bright and shiny effect this autumn.

This colour allows you to have a shiny effect even in winter.


Our pro hairdressers with darker bases like Lilou and Juliette are ideal for these colouring techniques.


Dare to go pink!

Pink remains the daring hair colour of 2022! From pastel pink to more pronounced pink, you’re betting on a trendy hair colour!

For this pink colouring, we are banking on professional mannequin heads with the least dark bases: our Mila and Ninon heads or our Adèle, our flashy 100% yak hair colouring star.

Our professional mannequin head, which was a huge success this year, Jane, is also recommended for pink colouring thanks to its mix of 100% natural hair and yak hair.

Autumn is often a season of change for men and women. You now have all the tools you need to practice these new trendy hair colours for 2022.

The professional mannequin head remains the material on which you should not neglect the quality to obtain realistic renderings and succeed in your professional training.

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