Professional & Eco-Friendly

Our company has spent almost 10 years focusing primarily on meeting your requirements and listening to your needs to provide you with the products you want and the highest possible standards. 

Our priorities are still the same although they’ve evolved. We’ve grown with you, we’ve expanded and that means we have even higher standards in terms of our products, our business ethics and environmental policy.

We’ve been mindful of how our business impacts the environment for several years and we’ve been actively searching for viable solutions to minimise our ecological footprint. 

It’s an issue that significantly affects both us and you. When we’ve met you at events and meetings, we’ve noticed that you have more and more questions about the environment and sustainable development. 

There’s been a rise in general awareness and thanks to that and you we’ve thrown ourselves into researching and implementing concrete ways to reduce the impact of our business on the planet. 

We started with a simple premise: every day, thousands of training heads are thrown away. There’s currently no solution to this problem. 

Over and above the environmental impact, what affects us even more is that the hundreds of hours of work and research that go into our products end up in the bin. 

We wanted to find a solution to recycle our product, until the end of its life…

We are pleased to announce that we’ve found a solution to recycle every last part of our training heads. We had to build an in-depth knowledge of our products and especially their components to come up with a sustainable solution. 

A training head is made of 4 materials : 

The mask : What we call the mask is the material forming the training head’s face; made of flexible plastic. This material is turned into flooring. To put it simply, it will be given a new lease of life on your house’s floors. 

The foam : The inside of your training head is made of foam to give the head its «hard» and solid look. This same foam is incinerated to heat our towns and cities. 

The base : The base is the solid part under your mannequin head. It’s made of ABS so it’s 100% recyclable and can be used to make new products. 

The hair : The hair on our training heads is given to a hair recycling association. The hair will be used in agriculture, water conservation and medical research to treat serious burns

By recycling your training head you help provide flooring to thousands of French people, heat their homes, make new products and support research to treat serious wounds at the same time as building a sustainable and green system for our agriculture… 

That means you avoid plastic waste and the pollution that comes with it!

Implementing a recycling system like this requires human and financial investment. We can’t support this new process without a little help from you… 

So we’d like to offer you the chance (it’s up to you whether or not you recycle your training head) to contribute up to 0.95 centimes (EUR)! 0.95 centimes* to 100% recycle your head so our local partners can reuse it.

The process is simple:

1. Just complete the short form that we provide in advance

2. Carefully rewrap your heads in their original packaging

3. Drop your package off at your company’s reception for our courier to collect

This process also means you don’t have to store your heads or dispose of them yourself after they’ve been used… 

*When you order 15-25 training heads, for professional hair stylists. This system isn’t available to the general public yet but we’re busy trying to find a solution!